Heart Attack


We are SO pleased to get to express our less serious side in our latest video, “heart attack.” Here’s the story behind it!

A few days into recording, when listening back to our song “New Heart,” Nathan (engineer/mixer) decided to make the song 2x its normal speed. The Dragon Force speed, catchy guitar riffs, and chip-munk vocals had us rolling. We immediately recognized its potential for an epically goofy music video. Somewhere along the road, it transformed into a crazy dance video featuring Daniel trying to take flight, Dustin impersonating Evil Kenevil, and John bouncing on a ball, looking like Bozo the clown. The video was planned in a night, practiced once, and is captured in one take. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

ALSO, though we fear that no one will ever want the song to return to its normal speed, we ARE releasing the real (studio) version “New Heart” next week. It’s sounding good. Stay tuned!



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